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    Vodka’s popularity is indisputable, it has the distinction of being the clear spirit that can be distilled from just about anything, making it the most popular spirit in the world! Vodka is a neutral spirit with no distinctive flavor, aroma, color, or character made from grains such as corn, rice, wheat, or potato! Its neutral flavor is what makes vodka a popular versatile base for cocktails and is always a great choice for infused mix flavors at home!

    When it comes to the most popular brands of vodka, you can never go wrong with Belvedere, Grey Goose, and Beluga! You also have a wide selection of smaller categories like Eiko, Bong, Vdka 6100, U’luvka, and more! At the Uptown Liquor, we’re proud to give you a variety of options from the most unique and versatile selection of Vodka in Australia! Find the vodka that suits you and order it online from here!

    7 products
    Bong Vodka 700mL - Uptown Liquor
    Holland Premium Bong Vodka 700mL
    Bong Vodka
    Vdka 6100 750mL - Uptown Liquor
    Vdka 6100 750mL
    Vdka 6100
    Grey Goose Vodka 700mL - Uptown Liquor
    Grey Goose Vodka 700mL
    Grey Goose
    Eiko Japanese Vodka 700mL - Uptown Liquor
    Eiko Japanese Vodka 700mL
    Belvedere Vodka 700mL - Uptown Liquor
    Belvedere Vodka 700mL
    U'luvka Vodka 700mL - Uptown Liquor
    U'luvka Vodka 700mL
    Beluga Vodka 700mL - Uptown Liquor
    Beluga Vodka 700mL
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