Killed By A Safe: Jack Daniel’s Untimely End


Famous for his world-renowned whiskey, Jack Daniel used an infamous “sour mash” method of distilling to build the legendaryJack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Distillery. Despite his long-lasting legacy, many fans of his classic brand are surprised to discover the circumstances surrounding his untimely death.

Jack’s Fatal Forgetfulness

One morning, Jack had decided to go into the distillery early to work on a business transaction. He had just bought-out the local minister’s distillery business and needed to complete the required documentation.

Unfortunately, the paperwork he needed laid inside a safe that Jack could never seem to remember the combination to. After numerous failed attempts, legend has it that Jack kicked the safe in anger.


A Downward Spiral

After kicking the safe, Jack developed gangrene, a serious bacterial infection on his left foot.

Despite amputations, the gangrene had progressed throughout Jack’s body. As a result, he passed away on October 9th, 1911 from complications.


The Legend Lives On

Jack Daniel lived a truly remarkable life before his untimely end. Over 150 years later, the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey brand still lives on, a testament to its quality and widespread appeal.

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